The Magic of Collaborative Space

This year we stuck it to the man.  We said down with the establishment!  OK, it wasn’t quite that intense but we did do away with our desks and cubicles and transitioned to a more collaborative space.  The change has yielded great results for us.  Here’s what we did:

LL Office 1


How do you promote collaboration among a team?  First, you do away with traditional desks and create a collaborative workspace.  Second, put in soft seating.  It’s great for conversation.  Third, put a giant TV and cowboy hat on the wall.  Actually, the TV is pretty great for team meetings but the cowboy hat is leftover from a ridiculous leader retreat video.  We aren’t very good at throwing things away. LL Office 2

In my opinion, the best part of our office is our ginormous glass board.  This is the hub of creativity and collaboration.  This board was expensive but definitely worth the money because it looks classy, won’t wear out, and it’s HUGE!  You wouldn’t believe all the genius ideas on there.

LL Office 3Offices have a reputation for being boring and stuffy.  Being a team of youth pastors, we obviously wanted none of that!  To lighten the mood and inject fun into our space, we stretched many of our old t-shirts over frames and made them into what you see here.  Now we have unicorns, mustaches, and narwhals all over our walls.  It’s basically perfect.  This was an idea we stole directly from Elle and Kenny at Stuff You Can Use.

PS…all those boxes you see in the background are Operation Christmas Child boxes our small groups put together.  There’s over 100 of them!  The boxes are a good reminder that our space is designed to promote great student ministry.  We absolutely love what we do and can’t believe we get paid to do it!

Something New and Awesome

Hey student ministry type people!  I want to share something new and awesome with you.  My friends Kenny and Elle are launching Youth Ministry Answers–a new podcast from Stuff You Can Use.


The premise of the podcast is pretty simple:  You ask questions and they search for answers.  I’m pretty pumped about this new podcast because Kenny and Elle are top notch.  I’ve talked with them a few times at various reThink events and I’ve always been impressed.  Their Stuff You Can Use site is one of my favorite student ministry resources.  In fact, their creativity inspired the Lifeline office redesign, pictures of which I’ll be posting later this week.

Be sure to check out Youth Ministry Answers…oh, and they’re giving away free stuff this week!