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Look, I’m not famous or anything but I did develop a college transition curriculum.  Well, actually, I borrowed most of it but it’s still pretty awesome.  I’ve been perfecting it for a few years now.  Below is this year’s version.  You’re welcome to use some or all of it.  Check it out.


We play a trivia game about college.  My slideshow is as basic as they come but the point is to get students thinking about the next phase of their life.  After playing the trivia game we set the stage for the year–talking through our topics and generally getting the students amped about their senior year.  Here’s the slideshow:


Our entire first semester is devoted to Donald Miller’s Storyline workbook.  It’s a great journey for graduating seniors.  The book generates a ton of great conversation and helps the students think through their gifting, God’s mission and what a meaningful life looks like.



We’ll spend January going through a few key concepts from Andy Stanley’s The Principle of the Path.  I think this book is perfect for helping students understand how the decisions they make over the next few years will be connected to the rest of their lives.




1. Leaders Share:  Our small group leaders share their post high school experiences, offering advice on colleges, majors, partying, money, friends and whatever else they feel like talking about.

2.  Money, School Loans and Debt:  My approach is to help students understand what their lives will actually be like if they take on a heavy debt load.  My goal is that anyone who is paying for school on their own would think seriously about cheaper options.


1. Graduates Share:  Recent graduates return to LifeLine to talk about what their college experiences have been like.  I ask them to talk about money, finding a new church or campus ministry, partying and whatever advice they have for our current seniors.

2.  Senior Sneak:  This is our retreat designed for seniors.  It includes a whole lot of fun and 3 senior specific teachings.  Sorry, the content and location are secret.


1.  Understanding God’s Will:  How do you make decisions based on God’s design, plans and calling?

2.  Dating, Marriage and Divorce:  How exactly to you end up happily married?


Well that’s my curriculum for this year.  I firmly believe that helping students transition well begins with helping them ask the right questions and engage in the right conversations.  This curriculum is designed to spur on these conversations.  In the context of small groups that have been together for 4-7 years and an invested adult mentor, these conversations can be very powerful.

Transition is my passion so if you have ideas I’d love to hear them!

Aaron Buer

Author: Aaron Buer

A little about me: I’ve been a student pastor for 12 years and currently serve as the student ministries pastor at Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI. Ada Bible is a multi-site church of about 9,000. Most of my time is devoted to leading my amazing team, writing curriculum, teaching, and trying to navigate the challenges of multi-site church. I absolutely love my job and the people I am blessed to serve with. I’m primarily a family guy. My wife and I have five incredibly awesome and unique kids. Most of my free time is devoted to them. When I can find time for me, I love beach volleyball, writing, fishing, video games or a good book.

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